The value of crypto-assets managed by Grayscale reached $19 billion

Grayscale Investments‘ assets in bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies reached $19 billion, a figure that grew 2.5 times in two months, according to company founder Barry Silbert.

As of November 1, the value of assets was $7.6 billion. By December 15, the figure had risen to $13 billion, showing almost two-fold growth in a month and a half.

Grayscale Bitcoin Rush Trust accounts for the lion’s share of the company’s assets. The fund holds 607,140 BTC worth more than $16.26 billion, according to Bybt on Dec. 29. A GBTC share trades at $25.51 with a 19.48% premium.

The second-largest fund in terms of assets, Grayscale Ethereum Trust contains 2.94 million ETH worth $2.16 billion. Its shares trade at $7.39 at a premium of 128.69%.

The remaining assets are distributed among funds based on Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.

Recall that Grayscale Investments suspended deposits to six cryptocurrency funds on December 23.