27. September 2023

Yuta Misaki Loses $29M in Crypto Gamble: Cautionary Tale for Investors

• Yuta Misaki, the 31-year-old Japanese entrepreneur and social media influencer known as „The Green Juice Prince,“ has shared his cautionary tale about investing in cryptocurrency. He recently revealed that he lost $29 million in crypto investments after buying bitcoin at the peak of the market.
• Misaki had also made a profit of several hundred million yen through an initial coin purchase earlier. However, he invested around $9.6 million in crypto which has now shrunk to $2.2 million worth.
• Despite his loss, Misaki still holds positions in crypto and hopes to make a turnaround should the market recover to 2021 levels. He was also previously arrested for tax evasion and wrote a book about his rise to fame and fortune.

Yuta Misaki’s Cryptocurrency Investments

Japanese entrepreneur and influencer, Yuta Misaki, recently shared his story of losing $29 million in cryptocurrency investments, warning others to be cautious when investing in volatile markets such as crypto.

Misaki’s Background

Misaki built his fortune by marketing aojiru juice as a diet aid for young women and has amassed a large following on social media with almost 1 million YouTube subscribers and 1.5 million Twitter followers.

Investment Results

Misaki admitted to having recently made a profit of several hundred million yen through an initial coin purchase but subsequently attempted to make more profits on the market by investing around $9.6 million in crypto which have now shrunk in worth to just $2.2 million due to market volatility.. Despite this loss, he still holds positions in crypto and hopes for a recovery if the market returns back up to 2021 levels again.

Tax Evasion Arrest

In 2019, Yuta Misaki was arrested along with two company executives over suspicions of tax evasion amounting up to $1.63 Million worth of taxes unpaid by him or his firm Media Hearts which previously turned enormous profits during the early 2010s but were unexpectedly hit afterwards due to this incident .

Book And Advice

He recently released a best-selling book chronicling his rise from fame and fortune despite this setback . His cautionary tale has garnered sympathy from followers who have also suffered losses due to similar investments , some urging him not return back again into these volatile markets but instead focus on making a comeback in business world itself .